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The note looks super old, and there's something at the bottom about some moms not being able to handle the magic, but the bottom of the page is missing..

She managed to get an education and has been working the same job for years. Andrews was…was spanking her." Rob swallowed the lump in his throat as he told his mother that last bit, remembering how excited that made him. And now this thing with her son, she looked at him sitting across from her. He couldn't help but notice as he had before, how good she looked. " What the hell he thought, he might a well get this figured out.You know the type of discussion I'm referring to don't ya? Annette spanked each chub quickly and lightly, warming her daughter's tender flesh. " Ashley assured her mother a moment before she burst into tears. Susie was stiff and he talked to her a minute before he started. Yes, Uncle is going to make your bottom sting, but when I am done all will be forgiven. " But she didn't think Aunt Helen had heard her When she felt her aunt slap her already tender bare bottom, she yelled out loud. Her tears came hard and fast as her backside burned with red heat from the punishing spanking. Good girl." When she was calm again, Aunty Helen washed her hot and tear-streaked face with a cool wet cloth, and then helped her into her pajamas. I was afraid that this time would be worse, cuz I was older now. I think it was there to remind me to stay in position.The type where you're over a knee staring at the carpet while a thick piece of leather is whipping your behind! Annette raised her hand and brought down a light smack on one plump bare cheek. "I gave you every opportunity to cooperate with me, Ashley, but you have chosen to be naughty instead," Annette scolded. "I'm going to spank you right where you sit," Annette said, ignoring her daughter's protest and delivering the promised smacks at the tops of her little girl's thighs"And each time you sit today, you will remember that you must not talk back to Mommy and that you must obey." "Umm, we borrowed it, Mommy," Jenn said. You will be my best girl, just like always." He continued to rub her back and bottom until she relaxed. Aunt Helen tugged at Jessie's wrist, but Jessie resistedjust a little bit. She was glad she'd cleaned up the room and washed the wall and stood in the corner, like she was supposed to, and she was really glad when Aunty had told her she'd been a good girl for it. Finally, she even stopped wiggling and just cried, sobbed, and felt every stinging blow. But, when she was helped to her feet again, she couldn't stand still. She fell into her aunt's comforting arms and continued to weep. She squirmed at the feel of the material against her sore bottom, but her aunt insisted that it was too cold a night to go without nice warm jammies. Then she was tucked into bed, safe beneath the covers, a kiss on her forehead to send her off to sleep, her teddy-bear wrapped in her arms. I had hesitated, and Uncle Jack said, "Robin, come here now, please, and bend over my desk." He turned to my Daddy then and said, "Charlie, will you act as my witness? He must have gotten out the school paddle, because the next thing I knew, I felt several sharp cracks on my backside.She also gives her brother a blowjob and then mother and daughter take turns getting fucked in reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy. My Brother drove south and a day later we were together again.Ends with a cumshot to mommy's tits, which gets licked clean by the daughter. It didn't take very long for us to share our secrets with each other...

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