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The Chicago-New York pizza wars finally have a victor . I will never forgive you for this.” Sure, you could blame the ’70s.

But there’s been a shocking development in the conflict. I’m hesitant to make eye contact with the camera, with a wary expression on my face that says, “I look like Bea Arthur.

This call invites proposals offering training in a variety of forms that fall within areas of training priority within the NERC science remit.

So, toast to the brain box of the family and give them a graduation they’re sure to remember this summer at Corn Exchange.Although Mr Crellin says recent tourism discussions have been “very encouraging,” he said decision-makers were “caught up” with the wrong issues.Mr Crellin, who is moving back to his native Boston, says our rival destinations have to be clearly identified and “the past has to be kept in the past.”His parting message to Bermuda would be for tourism leaders to “put the needs of the industry before themselves.”Mr Crellin said: “Why do we always hear about Bermuda's heyday? New York pizza debate started raging as World War II was ending. Our feelings on this day aren’t so much “grateful” as “lustful.” In Chicago, it’s a celebration of our first love: Meat. But if there are vegetarians here, they’ve wisely learned to keep quiet. But when are parents going to step up and take some responsibility? “When we dress our kids, we don’t always have their best interests at heart.” By Paige Wiser Thanksgiving is our Valentine’s Day. Chicago is the 10-most “vegetarian-friendly” city in the country, according to Grub; based on their name alone, it sounds like they know what they’re doing.

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