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All Catholics should seek to be reconciled with God and the Church by going to confession and by going to Mass and Holy Communion regularly.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General announced the findings of a two-year investigation into the Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Tuesday, saying hundreds of children were subjected to abuse that was masked by two bishops who averted probes into the claims and created a “payout chart” to quietly compensate victims based on the level of abuse.One of the bishops even created a “pay out chart” detailing cash payments to be given to victims based on the type of the abuse reported.“Predator after predator” came before the grand jury to testify, with many of the alleged predators saying this was the first time law enforcement ever questioned them.Victims, male and female children as young as 6, reported genital fondling and said they were forced to participate in or watch masturbation, the report said.A 147-page grand jury report made public Tuesday describes a predatory abattoir of youthful innocence in which boys were hypnotized and made to drink alcohol to soften them up for priests to molest and rape.Witnesses say one priest molested the children while listening to Bill Cosby records.

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