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Chicago, the city that spawned Al Capone's criminal empire during prohibition, and elevated him to "Public Enemy #1", has a new criminal mastermind.His name is Larry Hoover and he is behind the consolidation and corporate organization of the Gangster Disciples.When my first husband was in the Air Force, we knew several people who had married women from Asia.The story was they all wanted to come to the land of the "big BX," BX being the large commissary where everyone shopped.Johnson, who is openly gay, is "doing a favor" for the two gay men.

In 1983, he drafted a manifesto titled the Blueprint of the New Concept, which outlined the six principles of growth and development.

One of the things which really gets me about a moron like Makow is he claims to speak for ALL MEN.

"All men" want these "submissive and adoring women"..... In fact I think you will find there is a certain TYPE of man who likes "submissive and adoring women" Domineering men, abusive men, insecure men.......

A quasi-executive board which Hoover calls the Brothers of the Struggle was founded at Stateville Penitentiary in 1983 for the purpose of establishing a management structure - a corporate pyramid of gangdom.

Today, these tenets are firmly in place and the Gangster Disciples, active up and down the Mississippi River basin in nine states continue to build on a nationwide membership basis that easily surpasses 100,000.

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