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HHRVB says it is not uncommon for a privately produced show to not publicly release attendance numbers. “This is already considered the largest consumer outdoor show in the country.

However, the bureau noted that show producers have alluded to their efforts for the coming years will be more focused on enhancing the show experience for attendees and vendors and less about growing attendance. So, we can appreciate that the producers are more focused now on building upon the overall experience for those attending the show with concerts, banquets and evening events.” By focusing on delivering the highest quality experience for both attendees and vendors, the show will naturally attract more people says Dunlap.

Based in Colorado, the product lets you filter potential matches based on different activities and by skill level.

And the company has now acquired Yonder, an outdoor recreation and adventure platform that helps people find and share outdoor excursions.

Luvbyrd, a dating app for outdoor enthusiasts, has acquired a social outdoor adventure app called Yonder.

Are you looking to meet people who love the great outdoors as much as you do?Utah is a leader in the movement to transfer federal lands to the states, which concerns adventurers and sportsmen who believe those lands will be compromised or sold off entirely to development.In late January, Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz introduced one bill that would eliminate law enforcement within the U. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management and another directing the U. Department of the Interior to sell 3.37 million acres of federal land to the states. Gary Herbert signed a resolution urging the Trump administration to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument, making it clear that he and other Utah elected officials do not support public lands conservation nor do they value the economic benefits that the outdoor recreation industry brings to their state,” wrote Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia, on Tuesday.Each summer and winter, 20,000 people pour into Salt Lake City and the adjacent Wasatch Range for the show.Suddenly this week, however, that relationship is in jeopardy, as a growing number of brands are unhappy for one simple reason: Utah’s desire to remove public lands from federal management.

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We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

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