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"We no longer have agreements in place with these broadcast data service providers."The shutdown concluded across the United States by the end of April.Many owners of TVGOS hardware probably never noticed, since they use cable or satellite services that feature their own program guides.TV Guide remains in a prominent position on Sky HD boxes, but the tab is significantly smaller in the new update.Sky has also shrunk the Search Bar and completely removed the tabs for Accessibility, Parental Control & PIN, Radio, Settings Options, Get Sky Products, My Account and Help menus.Have they improved this problem in the newer models? I unplug the main board from the power board the backlights come on. Nobody on here is giving any answers so it's you-tube time. Within three months a technician came to my home and had to replace the USB port. Samsung is now saying I have to pay to get the TV repaired. When I asked if they would repair it he spent 5 minutes telling me where to take it...For the price consumers pay for these TVs you would hope they would last for the 15 years a TV is suppose to last. The only thing I guess you can do is start replacing boards 1 by 1. The next year the mother board went out so I had to ship my television to get it repaired. 1 Stop Appliance Repair, and told me to have it diagnosed and then I could fix it.Sky has unveiled an all-new design for the Sky Homepage.The new Top Picks banner populates the lower half of your television with beautiful movie artwork and promotional shots for popular TV shows.

Director of TV and Content Products for Sky, Luke Bradley-Jones said: "We know that customers are watching even more TV, and with every update to Sky we’re making it even better."Since the Homepage was launched on demand viewing has increased by 209 per cent.

by Pat Cobban (St John Indiana) I think your article was very informing with led vs lcd. Thankful I didn't get rid of it but angry I paid thousands for a TV I watched for 18 months at best.

But I have seen on the Internet that Samsung TVs are having a problem with the capacitors in the TVs causing them to stop working after about 1 year. Won't power on, Led going 100mph and a clicking noise that mimics the light. I called Samsung and a rather snooty and evasive tech stated my PLASMA TV, PN58B860 Version BU03 ser # AZ5V3CESC00185N, is out of warranty.

I'm one of those lucky purchasers, owing solely to the fact that our Sony TV came with that option when we bought it in 2009; a year earlier, and we'd be out of luck too.

If your TV has lost your onscreen guide, you will probably have better luck clicking around its onscreen settings with your remote in search of an Internet-download option than going to its vendor's site for help.

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