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A few intrepid souls did dish on their experiences with app-sourced romance.Here’s what they said about Tindering in Krung Thep: Kate is in a committed relationship …Despite the overlap in communities, users are generally satisfied with the number of guys using each app.

The app is available in 15 languages including Thai, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Bahasa Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean, and of course, English.

with Tinder Kate Jacobsen is an English teacher who has been using the app for about six months.

“I lived in Bangkok before, left for a bit and, when I came back, a lot of the people I knew no longer lived here,” she said. I was newly divorced and had two friends that met the loves of their lives on it, so I thought, ‘Why not?

For the past year, one topic has seemed on the tip of every tongue and swiping finger – Tinder.

Tindering is casual and can happen anywhere and at any time. It’s full of prostitutes and ladyboys,” a guy at the table groaned. If it’s a game-changer for chicks, how can it not be for dudes?

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