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As a second disclaimer, I’m doing this because I’m feeling playful; as an exercise it’s a perfect example of how any data can be compared to any other data whatsoever without leading to enlightenment or meaning — why do it then? Not everything has to lead somewhere or mean something to be worth taking a crack at.

Discounting Mary Lou Lord who apparently backed up Kurt’s statements that they had never been romantically involved, Kurt Cobain was attached to three individuals between early 1987 and his death; Tracy Marander, Tobi Vail and Courtney Love.

Researching a source they attached accidentally lead to discovering the missing link to some information about her relationship with Olympia that we posted nearly a year ago. Okay so first and foremost, know that Courtney Love was never a riot grrrl and created a fake war with them to gain media headlines.

It helped build the image that she was a bad ass who took no shit.

In each case, the relationships have been reduced in the retelling — to dependence, one-way head-over-heels, to mutually destructive passion — which probably has nullified any sense of the enjoyment and pleasure taken from all three.

That’s not uncommon, question most people about their ex-partners or judge the relationship in the rear-view mirror and they end up being judged by the outcome not the time-specific experience, which is a shame.

Always has been, always will be but the media loves her because they love a good ol’ bedtime story of a self-insert female martyr.

Moving on - When you click that first link you’ll learn that Courtney hated riot grrrls primarily because as an abuser, husband beater, etc, she couldn’t stand the fact that other women existed in Kurt’s life.

Having looked at the matter of where Kurt was when he wrote the majority of his songs, I wanted to examine who was his key, official, partner during these periods of time.

Covering : Tobi Vail | Kathleen Hanna | Mary Lou Lord | Slim Moon | Calvin Johnson | Everything You Needed To Know Ever Not surprisingly, there’s a whole world of disinformation about anything Nirvana or Courtney related.

Most recently we’ve received an ask wondering about whether or not Courtney sexually assaulted Calvin Johnson.

Kathleen Hanna marched on stage wearing a black bra she’d found at a thrift store, bracing herself for another night of heckles, threats and projectiles.

space — the now-shuttered venue at Seventh and E streets NW — the girls in the audience rushed to the front to see Bikini Kill’s big splash up close. “The shape of the songs, the presentation, the charisma was pretty undeniable.” Six days later, Mac Kaye brought the foursome — Hanna, Wilcox, guitarist Billy Karren and drummer Tobi Vail, all in their early 20s back then — to Arlington’s Inner Ear Studios where they spent the afternoon recording what would become the core of Bikini Kill’s furious debut.

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